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Different Games 2018

A multi national academic video game conference with a focus on diversity and inclusion.


"Different Games Conference is an event on diversity and inclusivity in games, which strives to amplify the creative and critical voices of marginalized participants in games culture. Geared towards accessibility and radical inclusivity, our annual volunteer-led conference welcomes panels, workshops and playable games from presenters of all professional backgrounds and levels of expertise."

-Different Games Website

My role and what I learned

Organizer, Volunteer Coordinator, Co-Photographer

I worked as an organizer and co-photographer. This was my first time running a massive, multiday event, and so my first challenge was learning how to delegate tasks to other people so that I didn't spread myself thin.

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Ghost of A Chance:
An Extrasensory
Dating Simulator

A dating simulator where your dialogue choices are made according to the rate of your heartbeat.

Made in Unity with the Fungus Add-On, Ardity, and Arduino.


Game Development

A student run organization that serves as the home of all video games at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Consistently organized and documented over 300+ hours of casual gaming nights, competitive tournaments, and charity fundraisers for the Worcester Polyechnic Institute Community.

My role(s) and what I learned

Event Coordinator

While improving the effiecency of the set up, organization, and take down of the events, I was always concentrated on being an energetic, kind, and welcoming host for students. Whether it be a regular or a student's first visit, I strived to make each night more exciting than the last.

For more pictures of this and more events, click here to visit the events page.


Oral History of Video Games

A collection of interviews conducted with current and former video game developers. Created for the WPI Interactive Qualifying Project.

Full Project:


"The Oral History of Video Games is a multi-year joint project of the IGDA Game Preservation SIG and the Interactive Media and Game Development program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute aimed at documenting the history of video games and the industry around them."

- Oral History of Video Games Website

My role and what I learned

Video Editor

I was one of the video editors of the project, and also contributed to the final written report. Coming in with more experience in video editing than my partners, I was primarily responsible with teaching them how to perform tasks with the camera.

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The final paper detailing this project can be located here:

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